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About Pastor CW Scott

At an early age, it was obvious to all that this young man was uniquely gifted by God and destined to do great work in the Kingdom and the world at large. What appeared to be a humble, nondescript beginning at Truevine, was actually the launching place of an amazing productive Christian journey and multifaceted platforms. Preacher, Teacher, Professional Counselor, Musician, Vocal Coach, Sound Technician, Professional Photographer, Videographer are just a few of his many skills and talents.

Having served as Minister of Music at several churches, the anointing to grow and develop people was apparent in his life as music ministries would routinely double and triple in size, and strengthen under his tenure. 

While music was always a passion in this young man’s heart, he has always had an insatiable thirst for a deeper knowledge of the Word of God. In his formative stage, he was blessed to be nurtured spiritually not only by his mother and father, grandmothers and grandfathers, but he also received the spiritual impartation from many prominent leaders whose shoulders he stands upon today. Through their teachings, he was able to recognize the voice of God which led him to acknowledge the call to ministry in 2008, while attending Prayer of Faith Temple C.O.G.I.C under the leadership of Pastor Jonathan G. Willis. 


In 2008, Pastor Scott entered into Holy Matrimony with Precious Scott. Together, they have been blessed to bare 3 children and make God's name great in the earth as partners in ministry.  


In October 2010, many gathered in Roanoke as he was installed to the Pastoral office by the late, Apostle Lawrence G. Campbell Sr.

In 2013, Pastor Scott and The Vine Church became members of One Way Churches International under the dynamic leadership of Bishop Lorenzo Hall and Bishop Shantae Younger, and was ordained an Elder with the One Way Churches International. Today, Pastor Scott serves as the General Secretary and Chairman of 2nd Diocese of One Way Churches International.


Having accepted the call to minister at an early age, he is well acquainted with the inherent challenges therewith, thus allowing him to minister with sensitivity and honesty to the young, as well as the old. Pastor Scott has faithfully served the Body of Christ in various capacities as the Lord has so gifted him. Minister of music, worship leader, youth director, and church administrator, are only a glimpse of his vast leadership roles. 


Today, he obediently fulfills his calling as the Lead Pastor of The Vine Church and internationally to the world at large. His passion for God’s word coupled with a love for God’s people enables him to reach diverse levels of life.

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